Malane Shani Global is a healing sacred communal space for people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures. In this space, clients heal, discover purpose and transform their lives. We accomplish this through individual coaching, group sessions and empowerment workshops that include mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, intentional healing and other practical tools and techniques that can be used every day. 

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Who We Are & How We Serve

Malane Shani Global is a company dedicated to the empowerment of people through private one-on-one coaching, classes, products and powerful speaking engagements. Malane Shani, Founder & CEO, has built a reputation of excellence and is one of the most trusted sources of personal development, empowerment and transformation. 



"You can live in your power without being afraid and without ruining your relationships. It is time for you to become fully present in who you were born to be."

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Are You One Lesson Away From Healing Your Life?

With One Lesson Away, you will discover the 26 lessons that supported Malane in healing her life. She reflects on lessons learned in love and relationships, business, and family matters that catapulted her into a deeper level of self-love and activated her power and purpose. 


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Heal, So You Can Have It All.

Life Discovery Sessions with Malane Shani are designed to support people in closing the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. We accomplish this by creating a safe environment where trauma and blockages can be released and by bringing light to blind spots that may not be identifiable in every day life.


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Heal At Your Own Pace.

Heal U 2020 is a self-guided course, facilitated by Malane Shani, Healing Life & Relationship Coach. In this course, you will have access to 15 modules and a digital Heal U journal to powerfully heal any pain or trauma inside that is preventing you from having the life you desire. Healing is the foundation to everything; when you heal, your relationships heal, your money grows, your business expands and your self-love deepens. 

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Learn How to Put Yourself

First with Malane Shani TV

On Malane Shani TV, Malane Shani shares real and practical insights that will support you in deepening your self-love, activating your power and taking better care of yourself.

Praise for Malane Shani Global

When I first began my coaching with Malane, I was knee deep in my stories of low self worth, confusion and depression. My life is completely transformed and looks nothing like it did six months ago. I have experienced transformation from the inside out with her compassionate and commanding coaching. She has lovingly guided me back to the truth of who I am. I am forever grateful.

Khadija A., Entrepreneur

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